F.U Bone Cancer – V4.0

Give the middle finger to bone cancer with this glow in the dark pin. Bone cancer is a very rare cancer that makes up approximately 0.2% of all cancers diagnosed in the UK. Bone cancer is unusual in that it affects a wide range of age groups.

F.U Cancer V 4.0 has been created to let bone cancer know what we think of it while raising money for a charity focusing on bone cancer research. £5.10 of every sale will go to this charity.

  • Limited edition of 100
  • Soft black enamel and clutch
  • Skeleton Glows Blue in the dark
  • Approx 30 mm x 16 mm
  • All profits go to charity (£5.10 from every sale)


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The Stats

people are diagnosed with bone cancer in the UK each year


of bone cancer cases in the UK each year are diagnosed in people aged 45 and over

1 in 1,140 men and 1 in 1,660 women will be diagnosed with bone sarcoma during their lifetime